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We are very actively looking for the objects, supports and skills below to equip and start the Open-Kerminy association!

To help us find this material, do not hesitate to help us by email, or through the FORUM


  1. About twenty mattresses (preferably in good condition)
  2. Thirty sheets, pillows, towels



  1. Bowls with lids (stainless steel with thick bottom)
  2. Frying pans (large like for paella)
  3. Gratin dishes
  4. Mussels (for cakes and cakes)
  5. Enameled woks and pans of various sizes
  6. Tripod / tripod (large burners with feet)
  7. Wood stove with oven


  1. Large salad bowls
  2. Gastronomic containers (square or rectangular containers with flat bottom, in stainless steel)

Utensils and accessories

  1. Wooden spatulas
  2. Skimmers
  3. Ladles (different sizes)
  4. Maryses (silicone spatulas), rolling pins, whisks …
  5. Balance, graters, citrus press, salad spinner, large colanders, Chinese …


  1. Sink
  2. Basins
  3. Drip trays
  4. A water gun (gardening type)


  1. Stainless steel gastronorm containers for cooking and keeping warm
  2. plates, cutlery, glasses, ladles, knives and baskets, water pots, salt, pepper
  3. Pliers
  4. Norwegian thermos (isolated containers, see military surplus)
  5. Boxes, food buckets, jam jars
  6. Dishes (for 50 people)
  7. Cutlery (for 50 people)


  1. Due diligence to pick up residents at Rosporden station
  2. Two Poitou donkeys to welcome
  3. An upright piano
  4. A tuner
  5. A welder
  6. A video projector
  7. A black and white printer
  8. A color printer
  9. Ink refills
  10. Computers
  11. A scanner
  12. A consulting thermal engineer
  13. Woodworking tools and machines (to current safety standards)
  14. Equipment for cleaning (buckets, brooms, vacuum cleaners …)
  15. A chalk board (school board)
  16. Coat racks
  17. Umbrellas
  18. A professional dishwasher
  19. A carpenter carpenter consultant
  20. Office supplies (scissors, tape, pencils, binders …)
  21. Louix XIV or IKEA or other sofas
  22. Community coffee machines
  23. Stools, benches, wooden benches
  24. Bottle holders
  25. A rolling table
  26. Gardening tools
  27. Two wheelbarrows
  28. Four or five wooden barrels
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