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OPEN is the association of users of the Kerminy manor.

Any stay, from a day to a maximum of 1 month, can be booked individually via the page: JOIN & RESA . Each member staying individually or in a group autonomously organizes their stay, their residence time to work, think, learn, share and exchange.

Each project of artists, students and researchers in the fields of art, media, architecture, landscape, somatic practices, ecology and nature as well as any project on site (workshop , group residence, etc.) is organized in compliance with the Kerminy charter and regulations.

To stay informed and come and stay in Kerminy, think to:

  • SUBSCRIBE to OPEN (you will receive very occasional newsletters)

Before booking your stay, please contact OPEN (to confirm the availability of spaces) by email or phone :

Phone 1 (Marina) : +33(0)666659631
Phone 2 (Dominique) : +33(0)624634103

To come to Kerminy you can take a membership here, or on site in Kerminy :

The amount of your contribution to the operating costs of OPEN is set at € 18 per days, you can pay here or on site in Kerminy :

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