OPEN is the association of users of the Kerminy manor.

Any stay, from a day to a maximum of 1 month, can be booked individually. Each member staying individually or in a group autonomously organizes their stay, their residence time to work, think, learn, share and exchange.

Each project of artists, students and researchers in the fields of art, media, architecture, landscape, somatic practices, ecology and nature as well as any project on site (workshop , group residence, etc.) is organized in compliance with the Kerminy charter and regulations.

Before booking your stay, please contact OPEN (to confirm the availability of spaces) by email or phone : open@kerminy.org

Phone 1 (Marina) : +33(0)666659631
Phone 2 (Dominique) : +33(0)624634103

To come and stay in Kerminy, subscribe to Open (membership). The amount of your contribution to the operating costs of OPEN is set at € 18 per days, you can pay here or on site in Kerminy :

-> Join & pay participation to OPEN


Located in the town of Rosporden 20 km from the Brittany coast of South Finistère, Kerminy is close to Quimper (23km, or 25 minutes by car), Pont Aven (16 km) and Concarneau (14 km), or approximately 20 minutes by car from these 2 cities.

The Rosporden TGV station is 3 km (40 minutes on foot) from Kerminy, with direct lines from Paris (3h), Nantes (2h30) and Rennes (2h).

To reach Kerminy from Rosporden station contact the permanent team at

+33 624634103


Kerminy provides each resident with sheets, towels.


On your arrival in Kerminy, an information board tells you how to choose your room and settle in independently.


The ground floor

  • Reserves, pantries, stock of vegetables and food: 37
  • Large collective kitchen: 36
  • Collective dining room: 34
  • Storage of equipment and cleaning products: 35
  • Reception / Exhibition: 33
  • Room of the permanent staff: 28
  • Bathroom: 27
  • Open office: 29
  • Work space: 30
  • Workspace: 31
  • Work space: 32
  • Large library / games / exhibition / editions: 38 + 39

1st floor

  • Multimedia room / large screen with computers, servers, work tables: 15
  • Library: 22
  • 5 Bedrooms with beds and work tables: from 16 to 20
  • Workshop: 21
  • Work spaces: 26 and 25
  • Small workshop (electronic violin / hacklab / bricolab …): 23
  • Bathroom / shower: 24

The attic

  • 7 single rooms (single beds): 2 to 8
  • Rest / listening / reading / work spaces: 1 & 9
  • Clothes dryer: 10
  • Small workspace / office: 11
  • Shelves for storing linen / sheets etc …: 14


Kerminy includes an old botanical park to rediscover (unfortunately many old trees fell during the last storms), this park is classified (in pre-inventory with historical monuments). It consists of meadows bordered by hedges, wooded areas, crop fields, an enclosed garden and ruins (former stables) to restore. Geoportal: map on -3.836019 / 47.985362


OPEN is part of the network PAN FORUM, network of European artistic places..


Après quelques mois de fermeture en hiver Open est ouverte à partir du 1er avril !